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A Global Community With Local Connections: Northwood 天的学生

Approximately 26% of the Northwood School  student body is comprised of day students from our surrounding neighborhoods and towns in upstate 纽约. Day students can take advantage of all aspects of student life offered to our boarding students, other than the residential programming. In addition to the day-to-day academic curriculum艺术, 运动 schedule, students are welcome at every meal and school event. Many day students choose to remain on campus into the evening and take advantage of evening study halls.  Northwood day students are an important part of our community and as local scholars, 艺术家, and athletes they are some of most important ambassadors in the area. These local students opt for a Northwood education to be challenged intellectually, to have access to unique educational programs, to attend secondary school as part of a global community.

If you or someone you know might be interested in attending Northwood as a day student, contact the Northwood 入学 Office to arrange a visit or attend an admission 开放的房子.